Light Up Your Soul and Feel Good

So health and wellbeing isn’t purely what you eat and how you move, it also what you read, listen to, do for yourself - so here I have put together some of my personal favourites that inspire, empower and light me up in mind, body and soul and will hopefully give you some enjoyment too….


Follow Your Sunshine - Polly Bagley

This lady is one beautiful ray of sunshine - if you are looking for daily inspiration and light in your day definitely give her a follow on Instagram and if you’re looking for a life coach, then take this as the sign that you’ve just found the one that you need

Instagram: @followyoursunshine


I have pretty much all of my notifications turned off on my phone, the Motivation App is an exception. Sending me motivational quotes throughout the day which I really appreciate.

Instagram: @motivationapp
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Web Design - Nicola Tweed

One hell of a talented lady, the site you are currently on is one of hers, and I am so grateful. She took my ideas and elevated beyond anything I could imagine - and took the stress off me with her patience and understanding. This is her core zone of genius and she helped me keep my sanity (what little I have).

If you ever need a website created - Nicola is your gal!

Instagram: @nicolatwebdesign


Katherine Henry

Kat and I have actually been friends for years - we were at secondary school together. She is absolutely awesome - an inspiration and all round phenomenal woman - love her! Go and check her out - on both her personal page, where you can learn more about her and also her Zumba page - because Kat is what fantastical Zumba instructor - her energy and enthusiasm are contagious!

Instagram: @kat_v_henry and @zumbawithkathenry

Jordan Grigg PT:

Always nice to have virtual friends who are PTs too and who know what it’s like. She also shares and creates great content.

Instagram: @jg_gymandtonic


Even when I first started out as a PT, encouraging people to lose weight never felt right with me, but I had been taught it was the right thing to do but In the last 6 months my understanding and learning regarding weight loss - and how actually it is detrimental to physical and mental health and leads to weight cycling has been off the charts - which is why I have created my nutrition page - and the likes of Fitness Professionals Against Weight Stigma has helped my learning exponentially.

Instagram: @againstweightstigma


J.R. Richards

This phenomenally talented man is my singing teacher. He is the former lead singer of a band I have listened to since my teens, Dishwalla - and now he teaches me to sing! It’s so bizarre and awesome all at once. One of those spontaneous moments I’m so glad I took because these lessons recharge my soul and revitalise my energy. It’s what I need to be me.

Instagram: @j.r.richards

Art For Kids Hub

This family is just amazing as is their artwork. I have loved following along with their videos with the kids (and by myself too) and creating some fun and cool pictures.

Instagram: @artforkidshub

Jog on Gizmo - Gizmo

Well I am biased on this one - he’s my dog! But watching videos and looking at images of cute animals is good for our wellbeing, and it makes me laugh creating them and wonder what is going through the little floof balls mind.

Instagram: @jogongizmo

Ready to feel good

Become Fit For Life is located in Sidcup, Kent, United Kingdom
BUT can proudly train people from around the worlD


Geraldine was an amazing ambassador for Decathlon, and ran some of our most popular live online classes to date. We could always count on her to bring great energy along with expertise to her sessions, which our customers loved through lockdown. Tune into her workouts for a lot of fun and a fantastic workout!