Individual Feel Good Sessions -
Pre & Postnatal

Supporting you through, and/or after your pregnancy, to find ways of moving that work for you, that you enjoy, and take into consideration all the amazing things your body is doing.

Train with me one on one!

At Become Fit For Life we want to guide you on how to adapt your exercises for each stage of your pregnancy and beyond, if you so wish. To feel strong, comfortable and confident.

Keeping you feeling good, having some of that all important ‘Me’ time and ensuring you and baby are kept safe.

You can come to me from the beginning of your pregnancy, part way through or even once you’ve had your baby. You can start your Feel Good journey whenever it suits you and I will be here to assist you in any way I can.

Session Details

Each session is 60 minutes and they are available to block book - but if you’re still feeling cautious let’s have a chat - click the button below to register for a free 30 minute no obligation consultation to put those worries behind you and the Feel Good firmly in front!
Spaces are limited.

(Sessions can be face to face (once permitted) or virtual)

Ready to feel good

Become Fit For Life is located in Sidcup, Kent, United Kingdom
BUT can proudly train people from around the worlD


Geraldine was an amazing ambassador for Decathlon, and ran some of our most popular live online classes to date. We could always count on her to bring great energy along with expertise to her sessions, which our customers loved through lockdown. Tune into her workouts for a lot of fun and a fantastic workout!